January 6

My Favarite Video Game


The reason I like minecraft is because it is challenging you need to have a good mind on the game. Here are a couple of tips you might need when you are playing Minecraft. 1. When you go to sleep LEAVE your bed there. 2. NEVER dig down there can be a couple of fatal accidents 1. lava 2. mineshaft 3.dungeon. You can sometimes build big things in survival. But in creative it is totally different you can build the biggest house you have ever built. Because you have infinite possibilities. So if you do not want to just cheat you can play SURVIVAL it is when you start out with just a map. You will have to get the material you need or you can just get a bonus chest and get what you need to start. You can also download a couple of mods. Mods are when you can make your game more interesting. Like, Crazy Craft you will definitely have more than 2 bosses, and you can get different weapons and armors you can also morph. This Minecraft Mod adds tons of epic weapons into Minecraft. Many of them include guns which do massive amounts of damage, cause explosions, and start fires. A nice feature of this Mod is that some of the guns and swords have different modes you can switch between that have different abilities you can use. After applying this mod pack you’ll see that the diversion, as the name infers, turns into a great deal crazier than regular. It’s pressed with huge amounts of new stuff, for example, weapons, remarkable swarms, various types of structures, exceptional sorts of drops and huge amounts of different extraordinary stuff that make it emerge from the group.If you like Crazy Craft Mod Pack Minecraft 1.8 that do the job jointly on the web, make sure you download an read more install Outrageous Craft Mod for Minecraft nowadays! My favorite mod is the Dragon Ball Z Kai mod you can become a Super Saiyan  like Goku and all the other Super Saiyan. Mods can make your game more interesting. You can have even more stuff than the regular minecraft game.Bosses can be hard to beat but there are only 2 bosses in the regular minecraft game. You can have even more bosses with the  different mods like crazy craft. Weapons are VERY useful you will need them to defend things and kill enemies and to get food. But with mods you will have millions of new swords, bows and new guns.There is also armor you have you have 5 different kinds of armor there is leather chain mail gold iron diamond with mods you can have iron golem armor. I would also like to say that there are all new Minecraft Books but there are only 4 of them. The one book that I like is the Combat Handbook it gives you status of the weapons and the armor. The second one that I like is the Construction Handbook I have done about everything in the book and it was hard but fun. The next book   that I like is the Redstone Handbook I have done all of it and it was really really hard. The last book that I like is the the Essential Handbook it basically tell you the basics has a couple of things that you already know or should know by now. Their will be more Page long things about other games like Call of Duty and other things.keep-calm-and-play-minecraft-547


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January 5

The Best Gift I Gave

    The best gift that I gave this past Christmas was a really neat house for a Christmas party. This gift was to my entire family and especially my mom and dad. There reaction was really nice they gave me hugs for what I did for them and they were, so proud of me and my cousin Christopher. It made them feel like they were not the only ones that cared about the house, especially my mom. It made me feel like I had done something great for them, and that I should care more about things around the house. The reason I did it was because they did tell me to do it, but I would have done half the job.  I actually did something for them full on.  That is the best gift that I have gave.


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May 20

So Long 5th Grade

The most important thing I learned is CHESS.

My favorite project is PBL candy store shoppe.

I was most surprised by Having FUN.

The thing I dislike is the rain.

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January 30

That a girl

In 1931 during The Great Depression this girl named Hazel . Hazel’s dad lost his job.He hoped on a train  and road off. Before he left he left her a baseball glove. Then the baseball game came around.She made a bet with a boy . The bet was if this girl piture could  strike out Babe Ruth Hazel could play baseball with the boys. 

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January 22

Tax game

Yesterday we did an activity there was king Olivia and 2 tax colectors Kaylee and Azhare .We had 7 dollars or mints . They took it if you had a brown hair pants on ties on your shoes

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January 6

Memories from 2014 and new 2015

I got to make a minecraft castle in less than 48 hours. When you walk up to the castle the walls are huge . After you get through the walls you will see 2 big  fountains . When you walk in you will see a ballroom with a staircase .


I will ecomplish macking a good drawing that can go in a meuseme. Get the best pasistion on the football team. I want to have a great year . Eat healthier and stronger.

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